Also Our hearts are closed,
feelings are too strong and people can try
to understand but we can’t feel the same exact thing.

For all are different.


— anonymous



Love having the time to make my own #latte #froth life on the half and half, life’s too short for non fat.


I once worked with an middle aged, white man who told me he lied about his life and credentials at every interview he’s ever landed. He told me he never went to college, and never had a legit paying full time job where he was some form of leader, including this temp job. He said he had absolutely no experience. He told me that he would say he had a bachelors degree, and say that he was a manager or some high corporate position, and say all the things that the interviewer wanted to hear because he knew that they would believe him because he was white and old. He said he got by on a trust fund, and his ex wife. HAH!

Believe me I was absolutely astonished. He told me this 2 weeks into our temp position at UCSD.

Not to mention, he also would hit on all the students, and rag on his ex wife. Let’s just say this guy was scum. However, on the outside he just looked like a middle aged dad, I guess you could say he “looked” like someone you could believe and trust. He looked “normal.” He sure used that to his advantage. He probably could tell people that smoking and alcohol was good for you and they’d swallow up his words and rest assured on his fatherly tone of voice.

Now, I’m 26, but honestly I know I look like I’m somewhere between 16-21 depending on my mood and what I choose to wear. I actually have a bachelors, and associates, a teaching credential, a minor, management experience, and I’m honest about what I do and what I believe in. But, I find that when I talk to people, nobody really takes me seriously. I’m sure it’s because I have a bubbly personality, my voice still sounds 16 and cheery, I’m thin, I don’t dress boring, and I have a young looking face. Not bragging, I’m just saying this is why I think people are quick to not believe me, or really listen to me.

I’m damn sure I’m more hard working, more informed, more professional, obviously more educated than that guy. I have actual credentials to back up the words that I speak, but I’m not the one that get’s taken seriously when I talk to people. Maybe, the job hunt is hard for me because I look young and inexperienced. Okay, now I’m ranting.

Isn’t it such a shame that you can be intelligent, fresh and credible however, the world will not take you seriously unless you look like the stereotype of someone who should be “taken seriously.” Old, and boring is the look of someone people trust apparently. I guess that’s why someone like Hitler and Napoleon got so far as to leading people into killing others.

We are always telling kids to not judge a book by it’s cover because you actually have to read a few chapters of a book to know what it’s really going to be about. Just like you shouldn’t judge a person and shrug them off if you don’t actually know them. Society makes all these damn lessons up for kids, but that shit is never followed through. 

Seams like there’s another step in the direction of equality we need to consciously think about as human beings. 






On the surface level I appear to be giddy, bubbly, social, sweet, kind, a bit trendy and maybe it labels me ditzy.

I’m nice; nice at work and nice in public.

That’s what I allow people to think of me. I don’t mind it too much that people think that I’m that lucky air head who galavants through life on glitter and cupcakes.

However, in actuality, if you are one of the few who I allow to really get to know me, then you would know that I’m really deep, and I’m actually more of a tom boy. You’d know that I’m really assertive, frank, and I’m interested in the matters of linguistics, anthropology, philosophy, and meta physics. I’m heavily opinionated on the humanitarian view point. I rather talk about music, art, culture, emotions, the world, and life. I’m not interested in discussing sports, celebs, and fashion. Adding, my more natural tone of voice isn’t even close to how high I make it sound. Adding, I curse [yes I curse] like a sailor, and I think in analogies and metaphors.

I’m also not that naive and gullible person that you may think I come off to be. To be honest, sometimes I pretend to not know things to avoid an awkward know-it-all moment. It’s not in my taste to stop someone who is telling me how things are and showing me how to do things to just be like, “yeah, I know, yeah I’ve done this” unless the situation calls for it. I like to make people feel appreciated and entertained. Sometimes, I play dumb just to make people laugh. HAH, then I observe everyone to see who catches on to my sarcasm and see who really thinks that I’m absolutely dumb. I know who I am and I know I have nothing to prove, so I’ll never speak up. It would just be a waste of my time.

I act a certain way in public that is more agreeable, and approachable. Some people take advantage of that kindness and mistake it for weakness or a low level of brain activity. For those who take me like that, I watch you and take note of it all to watch my back. I judge your character based on your reactions. Don’t worry though, I’ll still be nice to you. I’ll just be wary of you, but still give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you are being like me? 

Though, that surface level is a part of me as well, I like being the spazz ball, it’s fun. I want you to feel like I’m still and trustworthy without rocky water because I am. But, I’m not as empty or shallow as you may be lead to believe. Still water runs deep.

If you don’t really know a person, try not to judge them for who you think they are. You may just know the person that they let you see.




You bring the Mac we’ll bring duh #cheese @maycorpuz1


I am the oldest sibling of 2 young men. I’m 5 years older than one, and 11 years older than the other. These are the things I would like them to know right now.

Be kind and tolerant of your parents. They may not be who you would have picked, but they love you and you only get one pair. When they are gone, they are gone. Remember they will forgive you for all the stupid and rude things you have said and done to them.

Stay in school for yourself. pursue your heart while strengthening your mind.

When you graduate from college, walk. I didn’t want to, but I walked for mom and dad; it was great just being able to see the both of them and the both of you there. Having all of you there thinking of me being a graduate actually made me feel good. I never thought I would really care because I guess I feel like I see you all enough. But, as you grow older, you don’t, you don’t see everyone almost never.

Start working young. Work on summer vacations. Do put school as the main emphasis [keep your grades high], but learn how to work hard to learn the value of a dollar. Work experience is just as valuable as your education. 45% work, 55% school. If you don’t get the job you want, always take the internship that you want. Intern young 16-25 years old. 

Save the money that you earn. You just never know when you are going to need it. Tires don’t say they are going to pop, and the check engine light will just surprise you one day and mommy and daddy can’t be paying for you forever.

Know how to change your flat tire.

Never give up your hobbies. Don’t ever give up playing and getting better at piano or guitar or singing or park core or cooking. If it doesn’t become something you do professionally it will be something you do to free your mind, and get rid of stress. It’s also good practice to have something that you have sticked with for a long time. Some people do a 9-5 job for 20 years, some people can say they had a hobby for 20 years. Make that person you. Use them or lose them.

Clean your room, girls don’t like nasty looking bedrooms. If she does, question her hygiene.

Don’t take your health and your joints for granted. If you don’t eat right, and you don’t rest your body and stretch it, then trust me you will feel the pain early into your late 20s and it’s no joke. it can ruin a lot of things for you down the road. Take it easy you’re expected to live to 100.

Treat a woman how you would want someone to treat me. Would you want some immature douche bag lying to me, hurting me, knocking me up and leaving me? If you are going to have a lady, be a man and be prepared. Find yourself first, and have a job. Don’t waist your time on that t.v. high school romance shit, it’s not realistic. You want to be with someone and not keep breaking up and then still make her your baby momma to be paying child support or living off of food stamps.

When you are in an odd or difficult situation breath and think it through, always, ALWAYS think about the consequences.

It’s not worth it to have a hang over and go to work early in the morning. Stand your ground with your friends, say no to alky if you gotz tah go to work early.

Look people in the eye and shake their hands when you see them, high five the homies though.

When traveling, be aware of their culture and do things how they do it. “When in Rome do what the Romans do.”

It’s better to have 1 real friend through and through, than to have a bunch of surface level friends because friends come and go. The one’s who stay by you, they become honorary family members. Sometimes you wont get to have a real friend until later in life, sometimes your real friends are your siblings. At least you aren’t alone.

Never get high for the first time with a bad crew of friends. Bad as in personality wise, and bad as in they don’t know what good weed is and how it looks, smells, tastes, and what it’s supposed to do for you.

Know your weed. You want your monies worth, and you don’t want to get it laced with poison or something.

If you are the addictive type. Just don’t smoke or drink okay. Learn to control yourself first.

Appreciate the little things like walking, having a dog, sunshine, clean air, quiet morning cereal bowl time, etc…. Many people don’t get to have that.

When something tough comes up, don’t worry you’ll just shrug it off and laugh about it later. Push through.

Assholes are deathly allergic to kindness, kill them with kindness.

Don’t gossip. It’s not cute, and it doesn’t make you feel good. Do other things with your time.

Learn to appreciate silence. It’s not awkward, it’s silence, it’s in the moment.

There is a time and place for everything.

Don’t just settle, listen to your heart.

Be humble.

Be genuine.

Be grateful for what you have.

Never forget that I love you unconditionally. 




It’s not that I don’t know what it’s like to be white American. I’m apart of the working world. I’ve climbed ladders, I’ve completed a college education, I was born in Southern California. I’m from the state where the Hollywood American stereotype is set for the international mind. I’ve been treated as an honorary white when my hair was blonde because being asian is the next thing to white. I rode that wagon for a bit to get by as a foolish teenager. I listened to racist jokes and horrible stereotypes from people who just weren’t cultured. You don’t understand my culture and the subcultures that follow, you don’t understand what it’s like to not be white American. Don’t look down at “minority” cultures like they are inferior. Look at it as how it makes American culture better. We bring the flavor. We bring that kick. We are a reminder of all the pain that was caused and to show how resilient we are by continuing on to assimilate and adapt while we slowly begin to lose our cultures and our values to our white minded children. It’s pathetic you are scared to eat a taco because you prefer a microwave chimichanga lean cuisine meal or some shit. You’ll go to Circus Vargas, and then make fun of Shen Yuen, the Chinese Play that’s exactly like cirque du soleil at Sea World or Las Vegas just cause it’s not white people right it’s weird and it’s scary? Get cultured, even if it means you just want to watch Japanese anime and become infatuated with the new western white side… for goodness sake get some color, add some spice, learn something outside of being just white American. I can’t believe it’s 2014 and ignorance still exists along with muted racism.




#flashback to February first when I donated all my hair to #locksoflove


Kids don’t bomb a hill if your not good at skating. Good thing I have #medical right?


I don’t live to impress anyone, I’m not here to make you see me or hear me. I just do myself in the most honest, genuine and sincere way that I can. I work to live, and I work to explore the world. I don’t create projects for people to worship me by and follow me, I don’t dress up for people to adore me, and want to look at my pictures all day. I just try and be the most kind, empathetic soul you could rely on to be honest, and understanding when you need someone. I’m that person who hands back your wallet if you dropped it; it’s not because I’m holy or self righteous in the sense that I think I’m better than you, but because I know what it’s like to put myself in another persons shoes. I don’t want to live a life where I’m trying to fill a void. I want a life full of simple joys and the need to become closer with those I love and who love me back. I don’t want people to be jealous of me, and I don’t want to look around and be jealous of others either. I want to live in simplicity and content, and die with a clear conscience. That’s it. 




One good reason as to why we should legalize weed in California is to cure hangovers.

Weed doesn’t give you hang overs.

Yes weed is similar to alcohol.

Being drunk makes you nonfunctional, weed can make you nonfunctional. 

You shouldn’t drive, go to work, or operate dangerous machinery while drunk or high.

Alcohol is something consumed best in camaraderie , and weed can be used for that too…and much more.

BUT, weed will never kick you in the head and poison your guts, so that you can’t function the following day. 




Wow, you have amazing style! it’s all from Forever 21 right? No? oh its all Buffallo Exchange stuff that happened to be from Forever 21. 

Yeah, it’s really fun standing outside of this bar/show/art show just smoking a cig around a group of girls with red lipstick and guys with beanies and mustaches it’s the best ambiance. I really like not participating at shows, and not actually hitting the bar.

Yeah talking about vapes is so interesting, clouds this clouds that.. I love talking about clouds made from my vaporizer and how I made my vape, it’s like anime gundam wings and stuff.

I get the best naps after listening to a good Kim Kardash gossip story.

I’m sorry you broke up with yet another person after a few months. Maybe just try harder next time? Maybe don’t put out so soon?

So, petty.

Why yes I’m in a sarcastic mood today :)